FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the difference between remanufactured and refurbished injectors and fuel pumps and what is better?

A: There is no difference between remanufactured and refurbished if injectors or fuel pumps are rebuilt correctly. What we do, is complete disassemble, inspect all elements and replace all parts which needed to be replaced. So in our case, you receive the very good quality item which lifetime is almost the same as the new one. We test all of our injectors and fuel pumps at the professional test stand before pack and ship them.


Q: Why the price for Remanufactured pumps and injectors is so different? Some items are more expensive comparing to others.

ATo rebuild injectors or fuel pumps, we are buying used items in good condition locally in Korea. And the buying price for different used items is not the same. It can be very different. So the final price for rebuilt injector or pump is a sum of used item price + spare parts price + labor. Labor is the same for all types, but the parts price and used item price make final prices for different types of injectors and pumps different.